Business Owners and Commercial Package policy

How We Work with You

We know you have many choices when it comes to protecting your business. That’s why we work with independent agents, brokers, and benefits consultants who will help you select the right coverage. As a national carrier with regional focus and local teams, we maintain strong relationships with our network of insurance professionals throughout the country. They know our products and services and are located close to you.

Working with an Independent Agent, Broker, or Benefits Consultant

Think of an independent agent, broker, or benefits consultant as your trusted insurance advisor. He or she acts as your coverage expert and will work with you to understand your business insurance needs and risks, provide you with different coverage choices, and find you the best solution in coverage and value.

Solutions for Your Business

Through our network of independent agents, brokers, and benefits consultants, we offer a variety of competitive and flexible commercial insurance products and services, including:

      • Property, casualty, employee benefits, and specialty coverages for businesses of all sizes
      • Industry-specific solutions to meet the needs of your business
      • A claims process and team focused on best outcomes
      • Risk control resources to help you keep your workplace and employees safe

Tailored Solutions for Your Small or Midsize Business

You've worked hard to build your business. And whether you are the only employee or you have a growing staff, you want to make sure your company is protected. May Insurance Services offers the coverage you need so you can focus on what matters most to you:

      • Business Owner's Policy: A business owner’s policy, or BOP, combines business property and general liability insurance in one policy. A BOP is designed for smaller businesses.

      • Commercial Package: A package also offers property and general liability protection, along with broader coverage options and higher policy limits. A package provides a comprehensive solution for small and midsize businesses with more complex needs that may not be eligible for BOPs.

The Protection You Need in One Convenient Policy

Having the right insurance coverage can help safeguard your business from common risks. Protection offered through our BOP and package solutions includes:

Property: Covers the property you own, lease or rent, from the sign on your storefront to your computer equipment and inventory. Whether a fire destroys your shop or your equipment breaks down due to a power surge, this insurance can help replace your property and cover payroll and lost income if your business is unable to operate.

General Liability: Covers costs related to litigation and court judgments if a customer or other third party files suit against you or your employees. If a client’s car is damaged in your parking lot or a visitor slips and falls in your stairway, this coverage can help protect your business’s finances and reputation. You can also add data theft and cyber coverage to help your business recover if systems and/or customer information are exposed.

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