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Coverage for Your Auto, Home, and Other Assets

For years now, it was difficult to tell one insurance company from another. Same-old, same-old coverage and uninspired rates. Those days are gone.

In today's marketplace, personal lines insurers offer a huge assortment of features that can be customized to suit an individual household’s needs. Personal choice reigns, but finding exactly what you want may not be as easy as a click of the mouse.

By and large, research has indicated that many shoppers have found looking for the right insurance program can be frustrating. Some offer disappearing deductibles on auto policies, full replacement coverage for your belongings, pay-as-you-go options on auto insurance, identity theft protection, or specialty coverage for fine arts or value items, among other features. Some don’t.

Some offer more generous discounts for students, multiple cars, or security systems than others.

Some have more experience in insuring valuable collections, fine arts, or watercraft.

Some provide better claims service than others.

But how do you know the difference without sorting through dozens of web sites and making perhaps as many phone calls?

At May Insurance Services, our team of personal lines consultants can guide you through the often-confusing maze of personal coverages and insurers to find the right fit for you.

Whether it’s rock bottom rates or high-value specialty protection, we have the skill to put together a coverage plan that responds to your needs.

Learn how easy insurance can be. Speak to a May professional.​

      Private Client

    • Residential Property

    • Fine Arts and Antiques

    • Wine, Jewelry, Silver, Furs, and Other Collectibles

    • Automobiles, Motorcycles, and Recreational Vehicles

    • Water and Yachts

    • Personal Aircraft

    • Farm and Ranch Properties

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